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Cafe Racer build continues

I started in tearing down the front end tonight.  I’ve got a fairly firm plan as to what I will do going forward.  The good news is the brake caliper is good and does not need to be rebuilt.  Bad news is the MC needs to be replaced completely.  I knew about having to do one thing or another to the front brake set up on this bike before I went to look at it so I am not surprised.   I’m toying with clamp on on bars vs clubman style handlebars.  Needs a bit more thought.


I went through, tore the parts down as needed and cleaned out the varnished fuel, freed up the floats and generally gave them a light buffing.  I’m not going to polish them at this time because I might black out some or all of the carb bodies.  The carbs are ready to go back on the bike for some test riding around the yard in the near future.

CX500 brake Caliper of the bike      Honda CX500 Handlebar Mount

The Brake caliper in the left pic looks and functions well.  Bonus on not having to rebuild that.  I will clean it up a good bit and grease the pins prior to putting it back on the bike.  The Right pic shows the handlebar mount. I’m not certain what I will do here.  I suspect I may fire up the cnc machine and make a new top clamp piece eliminating the fuse housing to streamline the front of the bike.  The bike is wired with ridiculously fat wire throughout.  As part of the build I plan on addressing the excessive wiring somewhat.  I’d like to have only one small gauge in a bullet style headlight pod if possible. Maybe have a small digital unit as well.  I will make a small LED based indicator board for directional indicators, high/low/headlamp lights, etc.   I’d like to have nothing but I want this bike to be easy to ride on the street with some rider conveniences.