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Technical issues with

I lost my desktop during a lightning storm a while ago.  With it I lost a lot of my setup for posting here. Thus the lack of new posts recently. I have many projects to post and update.


In the meantime,   my email on this site is not working.  Use the etzy links to mesg me through there if you are interested in buying toys from me for now.  I’ll take this post down when I’ve figured out all the email routing issues and have everything up and running.


I’m also not getting notifications of comments at this time. I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your comments and questions on my posts.




Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Ultimate chocolate pie of doom

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  On this most auspicious eating holiday, I look forward to nothing more then the desserts. My contribution to Thanksgiving Dinner this year is my infamous, Ultimate Chocolate Pie of Dooooooooommmmmm…….    I’ve you’ve never had one of my ultimate snacks of doom I am sad for you.  If there’s one thing I know well, it’s snacks. For a snack to receive  the ultimate snack of doom title means it’s something pretty special, has spent years in development, and has enough calories to supply a small village with sustenance for a week.  Ultimate chocolate pie of doom is my own secret recipe, developed over years by making and consuming many hundreds of chocolate pies. Yes hundreds! Have you seen me? If you have, you’d believe it. 😉   People think cooking is all about the recipes, but the reality it’s all about the ingredients. Especially the secret ingredient.   The pies will get topped with fresh whipped cream and some shaved chocolate just before being served after dinner.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks.  This year I’m most thankful for having some pretty amazing friends who help me out when I’m desparate, put up with my BSR, and support me in my crazy ideas/projects.   I’m also thankful for my family, my health, my super cute niece and nephew, and of course I’m thankful for Ultimate Chocolate Pie of Doom for desert today.

Have a gobble gobble great Turkey day everyone!


Welcome to projects by zac

Greetings and salutations.   I’m working on getting this new blog up and running.  I plan to use Projects by Zac as a single hub to manage and share all of my many projects spanning woodworking, machining, artwork, modeling, robotics, cnc and whatever else I’m working on for the day.  I hope this format works and I can successfully share and organize my projects with the world at large, because I know that the world at large cares oh so deeply.