Ferrari 308 model built

Ferrari 308 GTS Magnum PI Plastic Model Kit Built

Ferrari 308 model built

While looking through old photos to find some for a longtime friends upcoming retirement party I came across these pictures of the Magnum PI Ferrari 308 GTS model kit I built as a Christmas present for my good friend who owns one of these cars.  You may have seen my earlier posts where I built a custom Stainless Steel Exhaust for my friends Ferrari 308, if not please check it out as it is a thing of beauty.  Final pics are in this second post on the Ferrari custom exhaust project by clicking here.

magnum PI Model Kit      magnum PI Model Kit 2

    My friend had bought his Ferrari early in the year.  We had many fun times driving in it, working on it, and reveling in the fact that he owned the car we always dreamed about when we were younger and fans of Magnum PI.  I decided I would put my model building skills to work and make him an almost identical replica of the car for his desk at work as his Christmas gift for that year.  I had done this for another friend the year before and I regularly heard how much he loved it when we chatted.  The challenge was of course finding a kit, as the show and car were both over 25 years old.  I went to Ebay, and even there I had little luck.  Finally I came across a mint in the box still sealed kit at an online webshop that specialized in Old Out of Production (OOP) plastic model kits.  I payed a small fortune, but I purchased the kit. I had been taking lots of detail photos of his car when we went out cruising in it so I had reference material to base my model off and match details exactly.

Custom Ferrari 308 Quatrovalvo model -0927

Custom Ferrari 308 Quatrovalvo model -0930

Custom Built Ferrari 308 Model

I think the model came out pretty good. I would even go so far as to say I am quite proud of it.   There is not a lot of how to in this post, just wanted to share this model and the memory with some of my friends.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


6 thoughts on “Ferrari 308 GTS Magnum PI Plastic Model Kit Built”

  1. hello, im looking to buy a model kit so my husband could build this. he just got back from deployment and has a brain injury and they say things like this would be good. this is his favorite car. where did you get your kit from and how much.

    1. Search online via google if you are looking for a New in Box (NIB) Old Out of Production (OOP) model kit. It’s tough finding vintage models so you have to keep at it for a while. Ebay is a good place, but you can’t find everything there. I don’t have a holy grail for you, I haven’t hunted down a vintage kit in ages.

  2. Nice Ferrari. When did this get built? and did you have a ton of flash on your car, as I have on my own? I’m currently in the midst of building this old classic. Just wondered if anyone else had any issues with it, as I am finding. over all. your car came out fairly well!

    1. All of the older models had flash issues. You have to clean it up with a sharp exacto knife and some sand paper. Thanks for checking out my project.

  3. Hi

    I’m busy with the same kit, but I’m struggeling to find the correct shade of paint for the leather interior, your looks great!

    May I ask what brand an color of paint you used.


    1. I believe I used a games workshop Citadel paint which they no longer seem to make, it was called leather or something. I’m certain one of the current “bone” shades is likely the same thing. Here’s a link to their web store:

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