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Clubman handlebars installed on the Honda CX500

Clubman handlebars on Honda CX500

Clubman style handlebars installed.  I was ordering replacement cables, filters etc and this handlebar was just what I needed to get free shipping on the order.  Essentially adding it to the cart resulted in free new handlebars.  I’m thinking about firing up the CNC machine and making clamp ons for the forks for this bike but for now this is pretty good. I like the way the bars are pushed forward about 4 inches.  I don’t like the downward sweep of the bars though.  They would be better if it was about half the current angle.  I also have some concerns with the front brake master cylinder sucking air if I’m not careful with this set up.

Clubman handlebars on Honda CX500         K&N Cone air filters on cx500

Along with the new bars, I installed the new push pull throttle cables. The rebuilt carbs were also reinstalled.  My plan is to fire her up on a lil mini zacbuilt fuel tank to change the oil out post warm up and possibly ride her on the driveway a bit.