Trackmaster Dozer Restoration – Part 04 removing the front end loader

Pulling the Front End Loader from a Dfab Engineering Trackmaster Crawler (Loader Dozer, not a Bulldozer)

I backed the tiny Trackmaster Dozer into the barn and got it centered as best I could for the winter. Not a huge amount of room around the tractor to work on it, but there’s enough. I needed to pull the front end loader arms to get access to all of the components

The cylinder connections and hoses have seen better days. Throughout the Trackmaster crawler uses standard SAE JIC 37 degrees fittings and O-Ring Boss to pumps and motors.

The hoses and fittings have seen better days. I’ll likely repair a lot of these as part of the restoration, either right away or in the future at some point.

Closing off the hydraulics, both lines are the same size and ends I bent them ad sealed off both sides.
Using the hydraulic hose to keep both systems sealed and clean prior to pulling the arms.

The hoses are pretty bad throughout. I’ll be replacing them all in turn. None of them leaked though, and the hydraulics worked well. I used the hoses to seal off the hydraulic systems on both the loader and the dozer side. I want to make sure to keep these systems clean and free of contamination.

If someone stumbles across this page with any information about these Dfab Engineering Trackmaster Dozers Crawlers, I’d love to know more. I’d be happy to host manuals and or parts catalogs here on my blog if you have them and are willing to share them with me. Please leave me a comment or email me at my website name on Gmail (no dot com there). I don’t check often, but I eventually will get back to you to host the information. Thanks!

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